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Museum and collections management

Thompson, John (ed.)
Manual of curatorship: A guide to museum practice
Butterworth Heinemann,       1992 2nd edn. 
As new
£60 add p+p £6.00

Lord, GD. And Lord, B. (eds.)
The manual of museum planning
HMSO,       1991 
As new
£29.00 add p+p £6.00

Richard Harrison (ed.)
Manual of heritage management
Butterworth Heinemann in association with the Museums Association,       1994 
As new
£60.00 add p+p £6.00

Essentials of health & safety at work
HSE,       1988 
£5.00 add p+p £3.50

Conservation: standards and surveys

Paine, Crispin (ed.)
Standards in the museum care of … Vol. 1 Archaeological collections
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1992 
Cover faded
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Paine, Crispin (ed.)
Standards in the museum care of … Vol. 2 Biological collections
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1992 
Cover faded, one corner creased
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Paine, Crispin (ed.)
Standards in the museum care of … Vol. 3 Geological collections
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1993 
Cover faded
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Paine, Crispin (ed.)
Standards in the museum care of … Vol. 4 Larger and working objects
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1994 
Cover faded, otherwise good
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Paine, Crispin (ed.)
Standards in the museum care of … Vol. 5 Musical instruments
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1995 
Very good condition
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Paine, Crispin (ed.)
Standards in the museum care of … Vol. 7. Photographic collections
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1996 
Very good condition
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Lighting in museums, galleries and historic houses. Preprints of a seminar, Museums Association etc., Bristol 9-10 Apr 1987
UKIC,       1987 
Name on flyleaf.
£35.00 add p+p £3.50

Stolow, Nathan
Conservation standards for works of art in transit and on exhibition. Museums and monuments XVII
UNESCO,       1979 
Cover discoloured, name on flyleaf
£150.00 add p+p £6.00 Total

Cassar, May, et al
Guidelines on pollution control in museum buildings
Museum Practice in association with V&A,       2000 
Cover discoloured
£65.00 add p+p £3.50

Sixsmith, M. (ed.)
Standards for touring exhibitions
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1995 
Slightly discoloured, good condition
£65.00 add p+p £3.50

Conservation in museums & galleries: A survey of facilities in the United Kingdom
IIC UK Group,       1974 
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Corfield, M., Keene, S. and Hackney, S. (eds.)
The Survey: conservation facilities in museums & galleries
UKIC,       1989 
The follow-up to the first survey. Excellent condition.
£45.00 add p+p £3.50

CIMCIM: International Committee for Musical Instrument Collections
Recommendations for regulating the access to musical instruments in public collections
ICOM,       1985 
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Wolf, Sara (ed.)
The conservation assessment: A tool for planning, implementing and fundraising
NIC / GCI,       1990 
£10.00 add p+p £3.50

Survey workshop: Books, archives & art on paper. 25 Sept. 1992
Institute of Paper Conservation,       1992 
Condition excellent
£27.00 add p+p £3.50

Eden, P., et al
A model for assessing preservation needs in libraries
British Library Research & Innovation Centre,       1998 
Good condition, cover lightly creased
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Walker, Alison & Foster, Julia
Preservation assessment survey for libraries and archives: user's guide
National Preservation Office,       2001 
Excellent condition
£15.00 add p+p £3.50

Cassar, May
Cost/benefits appraisals for collection care: a practical guide
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1998 
£50.00 add p+p £3.50

Museum environment, storage

Cassar, May (ed.)
Museums Environment Energy
Museums & Galleries Commission (HMSO),       1994
Spine faded, otherwise as new
£45.00 add p+p £3.50

Macleod, K.J.
Museum lighting. CCI Technical Bulletin
Canadian Conservation Institute,       1978 
£45.00 add p+p £3.50

In search of the black box. A report on the proceedings of a workshop on micro-climates, ROM, Feb. 1978
Royal Ontario Museum,       1978 
£45.00 add p+p £3.50

Bordass, B., ed. May Cassar
Museum collections in industrial buildings: a selection and adaptation guide
Museums & Galleries Commission Conservation Unit,       1996 
£45.50 add p+p £3.50

Environmental monitoring & control. Preprints of the symposium held in Dundee, 15-16 Mar. 1989
Scottish Society for Conservation & Restoration,       1989 
Name on flyleaf
£21.50 add p+p £3.50

Larger & working objects, science collections

Ball, Stephen; ed. Peter Winsor
Larger & working objects - a guide to their preservation and care
Museums & Galleries Commission,       1997 
Good condition
£25.00 add p+p £3.50

Compiled by Keene, S. and Swade, D.
Collecting and conserving computers: conference papers
National Museum of Science & Industry,       1994 
As new
£95.00 add p+p £3.50

Science & Industry Collections Group.
New directions in industrial collections conservation and care. Proc. of the seminar held on ss Great Britain, Great Western Dock, Bristol, 24th Apr 1998,      1998 
£55.00 add p+p £3.50

Museums, collections and exhibitions

Museums and collections of natural history. Study series 7.
ICOM,       1999 
English & French
£35.00 add p+p £3.50

Genies de la mer. Masterpieces of naval sculpture. Exhibition guide. Special edition of Beaux Arts Magazine.
Beaux Arts Magazine,       2004 
As new. 34 pp.
£15.00 add p+p £3.50

Inspire: Highlights of UCL's collections
Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL,       2006 
£10.00 add p+p £3.50

Lundstrom, Inga and Adolfsson, Gundula
The exhibitions at the Archaeological museum in Stavanger, Norway
Arkeologisk museum I Stavanger,       1993 
In English. As new
£10.00 add p+p £3.50

Winch, Dinah
The British Galleries 1500 - 1900: A guide book
V&A Publications,       2001 
New. 64pp.
£7.50 add p+p £3.50

Conservation history and general

Boothroyd Brooks, H.
A short history of IIC: Foundation and development
IIC,       2000 
As new
£15.00 add p+p £3.50

Foley, Kate
Conservation: future challenges. Proceedings of a meeting at West Dean College, Nov. 1998
English Heritage,       1998 
£25.00 add p+p £3

DeAngelis, I.P.
US museums & the non-profit sector: A framework for international dialogue. Professional Practice Series.
American Association of Museums,       1994 
£25.00 add p+p £3.50