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Digital collections

Museums and the Information Age

Suzanne Keene, 1998. Butterworth / Heinemann. ISBN 0 7506 3456 1



Cover Digital Collections

This pioneering book discusses how museums and other cultural organizations fit into the world of information and electronic communications and how they can take advantage of it.


Using a digital information screen

Image: Interactive screens at the Science Museum offer the visitor games and enjoyable information


Digital Collections explains clearly the concepts and technology behind museums' digital facilities, from public facing interactives to the collections databases that power collections management, access and use. It includes practical details of how to go about a successful digital media project.

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1 What's happening?

2 Electronic opportunities

3 Museum collections functions digitized

4 Building the digital collection

5 Standards and choice

6 Making multimedia: a whirlwind tour

7 Let's hear it from our users: design and evaluation

8 Digits and people

9 The wide, wide world

10 A crystal ball