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Managing conservation in museums

Suzanne Keene. Butterworth Heinemann, 2nd edn. 2002. ISBN 0 7506 5603 4



Cover Managing Conservation

This book pioneered management concepts in museum conservation, for instance, collections condition surveys using random selection. Fully revised in 2002, it is still my best seller today.


Cleaning an archaeological artefact

Image: Painstakingly cleaning the Anglo Saxon reliquary excavated in Winchester. But what about the thousands of other objects?

Arguing "Don't tackle the hard task piece by piece - take a systems view!" it shows how mainstream management techniques can be used to facilitate a holistic and professional approach to collections conservation and preservation.

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1 Introduction

2 Museums, collections and people 3 Management and information

4 Management tools: quantitative planning 5 Management tools: options and priorities

6 A systems view of museums

7 The preservation system

8 Preservation

9 Collections condition

10 Directions and strategy

11 Planning and monitoring work

12 Conservation and digitization

13 Future, present, past