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Silent objects cover Museums and silent objects:
Designing effective exhibitions
Francesca Monti and Suzanne Keene
Ashgate 2013

ISBN 9781 409407034

Research that reveals the secrets of designing successful exhibitions. Key concepts tested in famous galleries in national museums.

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Fragments cover Fragments of the World:
Uses of museum collections
Suzanne Keene
Butterworth Heinemann 2005

ISBN 0 7506 6472 X

Why do we have museum collections? Research, learning, memory, creativity - or just to enjoy? Examples world wide.

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Digital collections cover Digital Collections:
Museums and the Information Age

Suzanne Keene
Butterworth Heinemann 1998
ISBN 0 7506 3456 1

The concepts of information technology, and implications for museums in the twenty-first century. Practical details of successful digital media projects.

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Managing conservation cover Managing Conservation in Museums (2nd edition)
Suzanne Keene
Butterworth Heinemann 2002
ISBN 0 7506 5603 4

Pioneering book on applying management principles to conservation. Still my best seller.

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Collections for people cover

Collections for People: The stored collections of UK museums as a public resource
Suzanne Keene, with Alice Stevenson and Francesca Monti
UCL Institute of Archaeology 2008
ISBN 978-0-905853-44-4

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